Abortion essay: a comprehensive writing guide

You can hardly find a more debatable topic than abortion. It is discussed among people of different ages, beliefs, and backgrounds, and there is no universal answer to whether a synthetic way to end a pregnancy is good or not.

An abortion essay writing assignment is rather common for high schools and colleges because it motivates students to research, think, and be ready to support their point of view. However, for most scholars, such an argumentative essay is difficult to write. If you are one of them, be sure to find all answers at writance.com. On this page, we will tell you about the content of an abortion paper and its elements. And will share a few valuable tips to achieve the best results.

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Everything about abortion essay writing

After evaluating Google requests, we found out that the question abortion how to start an essay is among the most popular ones. Students feel stressed and worried, are shy about sharing their opinion, and simply lack experience in essay writing.

Fortunately, everything’s going to change with writance.com. Below we will tell you what to include in the text and how to create a great essay.

Abortion essay format tips

Writing an academic assignment takes time and effort, but you can simplify the process by getting familiar with a few tricks and tips. Even if you eventually decide to buy abortion essay, they will help you deal with similar assignments in the future. Let us share a few useful tricks to finish the abortion research with ease:

  • Follow the requirements. Read them attentively, and don’t be shy to clarify some details or approach the teacher with extra questions. It is much simpler to read the guidelines several times and make sure that you understand everything than to redo the whole work in a hurry.
  • Choose the side. If you are not writing an abortion paper as a side observer, be ready to pick a side: either you are for or against abortions. Read arguments online or in published sources to make sure that you have a strong position. Without it, it’s impossible to create a strong and persuasive essay.
  • Use transition words. Below we will discuss a common essay outline, but it won’t be effective without transition words and phrases. They make sure that the paragraphs and sections are smooth and interlink. There are lots of lists with transition elements on the Internet, so you can simply print them out and use them when writing all sorts of academic texts.
  • Be open-minded. When writing about your opinion, especially on controversial subjects, it is quite easy to cross the line and write something offensive. But if you want to create a good impression and learn something new, it is important to be open to other ideas and points of view even if they oppose your opinion.

Abortion essay topics

Even though these essays are not PhD papers and should be included in research proposal documents, this doesn’t mean that you should approach the process frivolously. Especially when it comes to picking the right topic. Let us share some of the variants to help you make a decision:

  • Why abortion should be prohibited
  • Why abortion is evil
  • Should abortion be prohibited or not?
  • Abortion is murder
  • Each woman has the right to decide
  • My opinion on abortion
  • The topic of abortion is a taboo
  • Abortion laws across the world
  • Debates on abortion
  • Abortion among teenagers
  • What factors influence abortion rates

As you see, there are lots of abortion essay topics that you can cover depending on the requested format and personal preferences. Just think about which one appeals to you the most and share your opinion with others.

Outline of your essay

An outline is a plan of the future text that makes it sound clear and engaging. If you want to create a readable, interesting, and complete document, it’s important to stick to the outline below.

1. Introduction

At the beginning of your essay, you should define the discussed subject. Even though most likely everyone knows what abortion is, you should still provide its definition. Then you need to give background information on the issue—for example, historical preconditions. At the end of the introductory section, you should state your opinion and provide the main idea of the whole essay. This is called a thesis statement and is usually not more than one-two sentences long.

2. Body paragraphs

The first body paragraph contains arguments that state your position. For example, if you support abortions, write that this is a constitutional right or that every woman has the right to decide. If you are against abortions, say that abortion equals killing or that it can cause much health harm.

The next body paragraphs should provide detailed information on the topic with facts and arguments. The readers must understand why you have chosen a particular side. Pick reliable evidence to make readers support or at least listen to your point of view. To make the content clear, each paragraph should cover a single issue.

The last body paragraph should cover other points of view on abortion. For example, if you write a paper to support abortion, the final paragraph should include arguments against it. You should remain honest and objective, but at the same time, your own evidence must seem more solid.

In this paragraph, you can also discuss what doctors or religion think on the topic or even share stories of women who underwent abortions.

3. Conclusion

When the evidence is provided, it is time to summarize everything and finish your paper. Your conclusion should restate the thesis statement and introduction. However, choose other words instead of rewriting everything from the beginning of your essay. You shouldn’t introduce any new facts and ideas in the conclusion, and the best way to finish it is to motivate readers to research more on the issue.

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