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Bullying is a troubling issue not only in the US but across the world. In recent years, bullying has become one of the biggest problems of educational establishments of all levels. That is why it is not surprising why the topic is discussed so often. Teachers, students, educators, psychologists, and parents are trying to find ways on how to prevent bullying and protect children.

And one of the ways to find working methods is bullying essay writing which motivates youngsters to discuss and come up with new ideas. Writing an argumentative essay on bullying raises awareness and helps to share experiences. Plus, it is a great way to show your writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills.

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How to create a good bullying essay

When working on the topic of bullying how to start an essay is a rather common concern. Students don’t know how to cover controversial issues, want to find proper words, or simply don’t understand essay structure.

If you are also struggling with a bullying essay writing assignment, continue reading. Our writers share their skills and knowledge, so you can create a catchy and academic text without much effort.

Bullying essay format

If you are not ready to buy bullying essay, try writing it on your own. Such an assignment follows a common format, and after mastering it, you’ll have the necessary skills to create similar documents in the future.

Remember that the main goal of a bullying paper is to get a deeper understanding of the issue and highlight certain ideas by sharing researched data and personal opinions. Here are the elements that will help you to achieve the goal:

  • Introduction. As you probably know, the first section is used to grab and hold readers' attention to motivate them. That is why you should highlight the importance of the subject in the introduction and provide background information.
  • Thesis. At the end of the introduction, you should write a sentence or two about the main argument that will be discussed throughout the text.
  • Body paragraphs. They make up the biggest part of the essay and contain the collected evidence, your claims, arguments, and personal opinions. Every paragraph should be dedicated to one particular issue, start with a topic sentence, and be followed with supportive evidence from sources or your own life.
  • Conclusion. In the last paragraph, students sum up the main points and arguments and draw a general conclusion. It is not recommended to introduce new claims in conclusion.

Usually, bullying papers are either argumentative or persuasive, so you will need to work on the claims and research many sources before writing. If you need bullying essay help, don’t be shy to ask for it.

Bullying essay topics

On the Internet, you can find lots of bullying essay examples that can significantly simplify the writing process. It is not a secret that choosing the right topic is already half of success. That is why our writers have made a list of bullying essay topics that you might also use:

  1. How a victim is chosen: psychological portraits
  2. Personal traits and characteristics of aggressors
  3. Bullying: historical and social background
  4. Forms of cyberbullying
  5. What can parents do to resist bullying at schools?
  6. Educational measures to stop bullying
  7. Forms of bullying
  8. Online preventive measures
  9. Group psychology and bullying
  10. Role of educators in preventing bullying

If you are ready to share personal experiences, write an essay about the situation when you were involved in bullying. Thus, your essay will surely be unique and have a bigger impact on the audience.

Bullying research paper outline

Even though essays are not PhD papers and might not impact the course score or even your application, they develop valuable skills and may improve your grades. Treat a bullying paper as a research proposal, and we guarantee that you will achieve the best results.

Above we have already discussed the common format of a bullying paper and the topics you can use. Now, let us share a few valuable tips from experts who have been covering bullying issues for many years:

  • To strengthen the introductory paragraph, mention bullying cases in your country or even introduce personal experience.
  • Try to support every claim with examples. For example, statistical data, articles of psychologists about the impact on people and possible problems in the future. If you are writing about your own bullying experience, it is good to conduct a detailed self-analysis.
  • Work on the conclusion. Even though students often neglect this part, it is extremely important. Usually, the final part of a bullying paper contains recommendations on how to behave when witnessing or being involved in bullying and how to behave if you are a parent or friend of a victim. You can also discuss the measures that can be used in schools and colleges to fight the problem—for example, educating scholars about bullying, creating online and offline campaigns, etc.

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