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As a high school student, there are many more additional tasks to solve. In middle school, you usually have to do homework, tests, and year-long exams, but you get a massive stream of essays of various types with high school.

You cannot write teachers' essays in high school in a few hours without experience and knowledge. Moreover, while preparing for the exams, you know what preliminary grade you can get based on your knowledge in studying the discipline. With an essay, everything is different - it is challenging to predict how well you wrote an article because you can get confused in the formatting rules, teacher requirements, or scientific sources. When creating an essay, you have to carefully study the topic, develop a thesis statement and express thoughts in writing, which not every student can do.

It's okay if you are having difficulty writing high school essays. Perhaps you have different academic preferences. An excellent solution to the problem is to order high school essay writing from experienced writers at Writance.com. Tell us, "write my high school essay for me," and we will provide you with qualified assistance without any judgment. Trusting us with your documents will improve your grades and academic performance.

Get a High Quality and Professionally High School Essay

We want to show you a little behind-the-scenes essay creation process. All authors of our high-school essay writing service work according to the same algorithm, which ensures high quality:

  • If you do not have an essay topic and the teacher has given complete freedom in choosing a topic, the authors will select ideas that will appeal to each reader.
  • Since an essay requires quotes, proof, arguments, facts, examples, writers will research sources and select information that perfectly supports the article's main idea.
  • The writers will create an outline and break the text into logical subsections to improve the article's readability.
  • With a clear idea of ​​what an essay should look like, writers begin the writing process - this approach allows them to focus on the task and not be distracted from the topic.
  • The author formats the finished article according to a single style: MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other, depending on the type of paper.
  • To ensure that the document does not contain errors, a team of experienced editors will check the quality of the writing and, if necessary, will relieve the text from typos, semantic or punctuation mistakes.
  • The writer will check the text for plagiarism - when the program selects sections containing a lot of borrowing, the author will immediately correct them.
  • You will receive a perfectly thought out, original, properly formatted article.

Benefits Of Our High School Writing Service

The Writance.com team has already written more than several thousand essays in total: on literature, on a free topic, on paintings, art, health, and much more. By completing high school essay writing with professional Writance authors, you get a lot of benefits:

  • Full compliance with your requirements. When writing a high school paper, the authors will consider your age, discipline, institution standards, and teacher's requirements. This approach allows us to ensure that the teacher does not realize that you have been assisted by a professional.
  • 100% uniqueness. No one will be able to convict you of copying - your essay on the order will be one and only. There is nothing similar either on the Internet or among other students. We select an individual approach to each written assignment and transfer the copyright to you.
  • Absolute literacy. We guarantee you will receive a document with impeccable spelling, punctuation, and style. Moreover, your essay will be simple and straightforward since our authors are native English speakers and know all the flaws or strengths of their language.
  • Speed. Our high school essay writing service is ready to create a paper for you in the shortest possible time. Even if you say, "write my high school essay in 24 hours," we can handle it. If you need an essay urgently, give us three hours, and you will successfully pass your essay. However, remember that speed affects the price, so if you want to save money, order paper in advance.
  • Low price. We have set low prices for documents that will not exceed your daily expenses. Professional writers will create the title page, bibliography, and content with relevant information for a small fee. By entrusting essay writing to our authors, you will forever eliminate stress or sleepless nights and improve academic performance.
  • Free revisions and formatting. Sometimes teachers may have comments on the essay. In this case, you can contact the writer and request text editing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, syntax corrections. Also, Writance authors can format the document in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, or any other style based on the type of paper.

We Help With Writing Any Type Of Your High School Essay

Our high school essay writing service has been working for many years, and during this time, we managed to work with various types of essays. We are ready to create such articles for you:

  1. Narrative essay. We will pick up a fascinating story that is closely intertwined with your life experiences. Since this essay can be in the form of a novel, we can also develop characters, dialogues, and anecdotes to diversify the article.
  2. Descriptive essay. Students very often confuse descriptive essays with narrative. To avoid bad ratings, trust high school essay writing for professionals who perfectly understand what artistic techniques to use to describe a place, person, or event.
  3. Expository essay. In this form of the paper, we will explain the essence of your article to the reader. Here you will need to study many books quickly and if you do not have free time, entrust the work to Writance.com.
  4. Persuasive essay. For this type of essay, we will select convincing facts, statistics, and authoritative statements to prove that your ideas have a place. We will not put pressure on readers, but using emotions or moral values will emphasize the importance of the topic.
  5. Argumentative essay. There are similarities between argumentative and persuasive essays, and only a professional can tell the difference. We will create a basic thesis statement and will be able to prove it using irrefutable facts, counterarguments, or real-life examples.
  6. Analytical essay. This essay will carefully analyze the book, event, film, poem, plays and evaluate the work. Moreover, the assessment will be based on facts and your emotions.
  7. Comparison and contrast essay. Here we will compare two very similar things and highlight the differences. For example, if you have a task, "How are the political views of Hitler and Trump similar and different?", refer to the author of Writance, and he will find fantastic information.
  8. High school admission essay. Do you want to change schools but don't know how to convince the commission that you are a good student? Our high school paper writing service will highlight your strengths and create a brilliant high school admission essay.

We have listed not all types of essays. When placing an order, indicate what type of paper you need help with, and we will select a qualified writer.


The support service receives a lot of repetitive questions. Therefore, we decided to answer popular questions to help you decide to buy a high school essay.

Who Will Create My High School Paper for Me?

Professionals in their field will handle your papers: teachers, scientists, experienced writers. Our authors hold Master's and Doctor's degrees. They are well versed in formatting, structuring, and citation rules. Tell them, "write my high school essay," and the authors will create a logical, interesting, convincing article in the shortest possible time.

Can You Write Essays 100% Free Of Plagiarism?

We do not use plagiarism in academic papers and create articles from scratch. The authors will consider all your requirements so that the essay meets your expectations. If you need quotes from influential people to support ideas, the authors know how to format them correctly so that the reader does not accuse you of plagiarism. Moreover, we will be honest with you and provide a report on the presence of borrowing so that you are convinced of the originality of the text.

Can You Write a High School Essay In One Day?

Our writers have fast speed and years of experience. Therefore, one day is enough for us to create a vivid essay for you. We also work under the tightest deadlines - from three hours. Even at night, you can tell our managers, "write my high school essay for me," and the article will be ready in the morning. Therefore, do not panic if you have little time left before submitting the documents and trust the experts.

Can You Guarantee High-Quality Essays?

Yes, we guarantee that our papers will be of high quality. No matter how urgently you need an essay, the quality will not suffer. If the author made mistakes or did not consider your requirements, we are ready to refund your money.

Can You Write My High School Admission Essay?

Yes, we create various types of essays, including admission essays. In the order form, indicate the requirements or questions of the educational institution that the article must comply with. Also, provide us with as much information as possible about your academic success, life goals - this information will help us understand what kind of person you are and highlight the best aspects that will help you enter the school of your dreams.

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We are an honest and reliable team. By cooperating with us, you do not violate the laws since we are an officially registered company and provide services legally. If you think buying an essay is unethical, forget it. Getting help from a professional is okay because sometimes it doesn't make sense to wait for support from a teacher. Are you short on time to research sources? Are you not inspired to create an exciting story? Have a complex topic? Place an order right now, and the authors will certainly consider each assignment's specifics, choosing an individual approach. In addition to getting A +, you will also get a decent example of writing an essay, which will be an additional advantage when preparing for exams.

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