How it works

1 step
Create an account and post the order
Indicate what service you are interested in (writing, rewriting, proofreading, or editing) and specify the details including subject, deadline, and formatting.
2 step
Start receiving offers
When you post the order, be patient. It may take a while because the writers need to familiarize themselves with the assignment and set their prices. At the same time, you will instantly get a list of recommended writers who fit the assignment the most.
3 step
Discuss the order
Get familiar with the profiles and ranking of the bidders. Before you choose a particular expert, make sure to discuss the details and agree on the price and submission date. If you need to change the details along the way, you’ll have such an opportunity.
4 step
Download the assignment and pay for it
After placing the order and choosing a writer, the money is frozen until you are satisfied with the result.

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