Writing a child observation essay – complete guide

An observation essay is not the most common academic assignment, even though it can significantly improve the student’s skills. Basically, an observation essay directly investigates a person, situation, event, or concept. This assignment provides readers with a detailed experience. To create great child observation research, you need to have good writing skills and be attentive, focused, and be able to make notes on the go.

If this sounds challenging and you are more used to a narrative or argumentative essay, there is no need to stress out. You will get familiar with the most useful tips from our child observation essay writers on this page. Continue reading and find out everything needed for writing a great essay on child observation. With writance.com you will always get the highest grades!

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How can I do my child observation essay? Detailed explanation

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Child observation essay format

When working on child observation, how to start an essay becomes one of the first problems. It is not a regular assignment, so the lack of experience can make you feel stressed. However, you will easily create a great document with us: whether it is a research proposal, coursework, or child observation assignment.

  • At the beginning of your essay, grab the attention of the audience and make them want to continue reading. This can be achieved with an anecdote, personal experience, or interesting fact.
  • Use a readable font, and don’t forget about margins. If else is not indicated, we recommend using commonly accepted fonts like Arial and Times New Roman, 12 pt., and double spaces.
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions. They may concern topic choice, essay structure, and other important details.
  • Make notes during observation. This is the most important part, and failing to document everything may easily cost you a grade. Write down everything that you see, hear, and experience. When processing the notes, you’ll be able to distinguish what is needed and what can be left out.

We also recommend getting familiar with examples of similar works to understand how a general format looks like. Remember, patience and practice make perfect. With time and together with our guidelines, you will surely achieve outstanding results.

Child observation essay topics

Child observation essay topics are not that different. These are not PhD papers where you can choose from hundreds of disciplines and thousands of subjects. You simply need to observe a child and write down the notes to create an interesting and informative text. But if you want to be more detailed and choose a topic a bit different from the rest, let’s provide you with the ideas:

  1. An observation of toddlers
  2. An observation of a 4-year-old female child
  3. Examination of child’s cognitive functions and their development
  4. Developmental problems in infants
  5. Middle childhood observation
  6. Teenage observation
  7. Child development in cognitive and physical aspects
  8. Socialization of children under 10 years old

It may be difficult to write a child observation paper if you don’t have any children around. In such a case, you can explore theoretical studies or provide your own evaluation of scientific works on the issue. Plus, you can always observe your classmates or other students at school.

Essay outline

Above, we have discussed how to write a good child observation essay, from choosing a topic to finding solid examples; what we haven’t covered yet is a common outline of such a paper. Actually, it is similar to a regular written assignment, so if you have an idea of how to write essays, you’ll easily master the outline below:

  • Introduction. Include background information about the child and observation, as well as the reasons you have chosen this particular topic. Don’t forget to insert a hook and thesis statement.
  • Main paragraphs. They are the heart of your observation. Be detailed and consistent to make the essay clear and readable. Remember the golden rule: one paragraph for one idea or thought. To make the text smooth, connect paragraphs with transition phrases and sentences. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence and then back the claim with evidence and facts from your observation.
  • Conclusion. When the observation is written, summarize your findings and highlight the most important findings. If possible, try to make readers want to learn more about the issue.

At the end of the work, it is possible to attach tables, pictures, and other visual elements needed to better understand the topic. But don’t forget to refer to them properly in the text.

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