The topic of marijuana legalization in the essay.

Hemp, which contains psychoactive substances and drugs produced from it, in different countries, has different legal statuses. Ranging from a complete ban to full legalization. Some countries have decided to allow a small number of plants to be grown or to acquire them for personal use out of economic growth and increased safety of citizens.

For example, did you know that Uruguay was the first country to legalize marijuana? After several years, the government passed the bill, showing a decrease in the growth of crime in this market and allowed the government to focus on other more serious cases. Many people believe that if other states follow this example, the situation in the global economy and the criminal situation will significantly change for the better.

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That is a very common situation when we are faced with the task of writing an essay on a topic that is not close to us. While dealing with the topic of legalizing marijuana, you will surely come across a lot of bills that have been passed or are still in development. When it comes to projects of national and global importance, it is very easy to lose yourself in the terminology and sequence of events.

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How to write a legalize marijuana essay.

Determining a unique style of essay writing that will be as individual as the author himself is important in any work type. We always keep in mind that an essay is a type of creative work in which the author's vision is important above all. But at the same time, when you sit down to write an essay, you need to remind yourself that it must obey the general rules of structure and content regardless of the topic. It is imperative to adhere to the structure of the text, break it down into headings, and use short abstracts.

While working on the Essay, we must follow the rule that it consists of thoughts in the form of short theses and arguments that reinforce them. With this in mind, we can take the following structure as a basis:

  1. Introduction
  2. Thesis, arguments.
  3. Thesis, arguments.
  4. Thesis, arguments.
  5. Conclusion.

Some authors adhere to the position at the beginning of work to create several sentences and then fill them. Others are guided by thoughts that come to them one by one already in the process of writing. So which option is correct? Definitely, both of them, if the final essay got the reader's attention in the end!

Legalize marijuana essay format.

Before starting an essay, we must consider what task we are facing: whether it will be coverage of the problem from a legislative point of view or ethical. Then we can cover this topic based on the following formats:

  • Philosophical assessment of the problem.
  • The topic from a legal point of view.
  • The moral component of the question.
  • Historical part of the problematics.
  • Forensic science of the problem.
  • Artistic and religious view.
  • Subjective description.

Will Writance be faced with the task of writing an artistic format, or will it be an essay from the point of view of the law - to provide the facts will be an integral part of the work.

Interesting topics to write about legalizing marijuana.

An argumentative essay can be composed of dozens of different relevant topics that pursue different objectives. Let's take a look at some of them:

  • The movement to legalize marijuana in different countries.
  • Conservative views on legalization.
  • Full or partial legalization of marijuana and which option is more beneficial for the economies of countries.
  • Personal attitude towards the legalization of marijuana in my country.
  • Notable politicians who advocated the legalization of marijuana and their motives.
  • Medical research on the benefits of using marijuana.
  • The decline in the level of crime in the country after the legalization of marijuana.
  • Citizens' opinion on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes and how the media affects it.

There are actually a lot of options, and each of the topics is deep in its own way and has its own writing details that are not obvious at first glance.

General outline of legalize marijuana essay.

The work that we have to do when writing an essay will be as follows. The first place is always the study of relevant literature, research, and events related to the topic. This is done in order for us to have arguments in our arsenal that will become a weapon to win over the audience reading the essay.

After acquiring the required number of arguments and theoretical knowledge, we need to structure the essay writing plan according to the already known format. Clearly structuring the text on:

  • Introduction.
  • The body paragraphs.
  • The concluding paragraphs.

Create an essay, supporting it with the existing argumentation. An important point that takes a lot of attention is checking the final work. Correction of mistakes and inaccuracies will be the last point in achieving the goal.

Legalize marijuana research paper for students.

There are many types of research work that have already been created by activists, public figures, and students as well. We create our own papers based on world-historical experience, which will help students understand the topic deeper and thereby present the work in its best possible way.

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We, as professional performers, obviously have our own research arsenal as well.

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